January 16, 2011

At-home-drug Withdrawal PROGRAMME

How to safely detox at home especially from drugs like methadone, benzodiazepines, alcohol, suboxone, oxycontin, cocaine, crack, heroin, crystal meth, pain killers... (0h:38min:44sec into the video)
How to prepare your body before withdrawal and dramatically lower withdrawal symptoms. (0h:12min:21sec)
The dangers of withdrawing from methadone, benzodiazepines, alcohol, crack, cocaine and opiates, and how to avoid them.
What to expect when going through withdrawal. (mentioned throughout the video)
How to make withdrawal easier and safer. (0h:38min:44sec.)
The best way to overcome sleeplessness when withdrawing.
How to alleviate depression when withdrawing. (1h:03min:33sec.)
What factors could cause you to have more severe withdrawal symptoms and what step to take to address them before attempting withdrawal.
Whether you can die from methadone withdrawal. (0h:44min:03sec.)
The difference between withdraw, detox and rehab.
What to look for when comparing detox centers.
Why some have more severe “withdrawal symptoms” than others and how to best avoid them. 0h:14min:15sec.
steps to take to avoid panic attacks (0h:43min:12sec.)
The one mistake that others do that intensify their withdrawal symptoms and cause them to fail.(0h:41min:33sec.)
How bad are methadone withdrawal symptoms when the right steps are NOT taken (0h:44min:54sec.)
What could cause death from methadone withdrawal and how to avoid it—it's not what you think. (0h:44min:54sec)
What could have caused your depression, low energy and many other symptoms that led you to abuse drugs and alcohol and what you could do to resolve these factors BEFORE attempting withdrawal.  0:58:19
Herbal formulas that you can take to effectively calm your anxiety (formulated by a doctor) (1h:04min:58sec.)
How to avoid violence and psychosis connected to withdrawing from stimulants. (1h:05min:58sec)
Nutrients you can take to eliminate unnecessary pain during withdrawal. (1h:07min:10sec.)
What's the best way to overcome sleeplessness and lack of appetite (1h:08min:37sec)
When the worst is over while withdrawing from methadone, suboxin, oxicotin, heroin, crack, cocaine, crystal meth and benxodiazepines like Xanax, valium and lorazepan.(1h:11min:05sec.) 
Why some have an easier time withdrawing from drugs while others struggle for months. (1h:13min:08sec.)
An important step to take to resolve the underlying reason why you used benzodiazepines in the first place so your original symptoms don't come back to haunt you.(1h:19min:24sec.)
What can you do to stay off drugs once you are done your withdrawal. (1h:20min:06sec.)
What can you do to stay off drugs once you are done your withdrawal. (1h:20min:06sec)
This interview tells you step by step what you need to do to withdraw from virtually any drug from home safely and comfortably.
It gives you the confidence to get it done NOW!
You get immediate access to the online video, and a downloadable sheet with instructions that you can use right away!
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